See Rules and Regulations for information about where you can fish in and around Puako.

Respect Fisheries Management rules and teach other people about them. Report violations to DOCARE (808)-974-6208.

Take only what you can eat fresh- the fish you don’t catch will produce offspring for the future.

Recycle nets and line- take yours home to dispose of them and leave your fishing areas clean. If you see trash in the ocean, pick it up if you can do so safely. Report abandoned nets to: HDAR 808- 587-0100.

Anchor in the sand or use permanent moorings- anchoring can destroy the reef and other fish habitat.

Do not fish where turtles are seen surfacing to breathe.

If you have a smaller boat use polypropylene line which floats and doesn’t snag on the reef.

Observe your favorite fishing areas and report changes you notice in the number of fish or new species you haven’t seen before. Contact the DLNR with this information 808-327-6226.

If you need to collect entangled fishing line: