Here you'll find a collection of photographs on a variety of topics from members of the Puako Community. Take a minute and browse. Not only will you find items of interest, you'll also get a feel for the people and activities that make our community what is is.

Puako Life Underwater

Stephen Eitel has been capturing images of Hawaii's magical underwater world for over 19 years. He has been the resident videographer and photographer for Mauna Lani Resort's exclusive diving operation for the past 15 years. Stephen hopes his photography inspires you to "take the plunge" and experience the wonders of the ocean for yourself.

Check out these beautiful photographs of the view of the Puako reef from down below. This look at the vast assortment of life off our coast will amaze you.

Get The Drift and Bag It

A long-standing community activity led by Cynthia Ho and joined by more and more local volunteers every year, this annual, state-wide effort makes a serious contribution towards keeping our shoreline free from litter and debris. Photographs from the local effort, both recent and over years past, are in and more are being put together as new events occurr. Check them out. We think you'll find them both fun and inspirational.

Share Your Photos

If you are a member of the Puako Community and have a collection of photos that you think may be of general interest, get in touch and we can talk about how to add them to the website for others to enjoy.

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