HOMEOWNER'S GUIDE- Automotive Usage

*Never pour automotive liquids down the drain, into the sewer, or onto the ground. They can leach into the water table and into streams, rivers and the ocean. All other fluids should be wrapped in plastic and thrown in the trash in small amounts or absorbed with kitty litter in large amounts and brought to a landfill.

*Use phosphate free biodegradable soap when washing your car that is better for the environment.

*Wash your car on the lawn, gravel, or other porous surface- not the street or driveway where it will drain into the storm drain and towards the ocean.

*Recycle used motor oil. Besides damaging the area where you drain it, you may be wasting motor oil - one gallon of waste oil can ruin a million gallons of fresh water.

*Recycle car batteries properly- car and household batteries can put many toxic compounds into the environment if not recycled, including sulphuric acid, zinc, lead, nickel, alkalines, manganese, cadmium, silver, and mercury.

*For help on how to recycle used motor oil call 808-935-8180.
To recycle old batteries call 808-934-7256.

Cats and dogs love antifreeze and may die if they ingest it!

Pet feces should be cleaned up and disposed of in the trash, toilet, or buried at least 6 inches deep. Pet feces on lawns and streets are washed into the drain and end up in the ocean. Feces can have harmful bacteria and viruses and release excess nitrogen and phosphorus into the oceans that increases harmful algae growth.

Environmentally friendly pet products! -UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Photographs: Robert Shallenberger, Doug Sell and Andrew Walsh.