Waialea Bay - Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD)

Goals: Conservation/Multiple Use

Conservation Objectives: Restore populations to high levels, restore/conserve biodiversity, minimize human impacts, and minimize impacts to protected species.

Human Use Management & Objectives: Boats/anchoring may be restricted, there is no fish feeding or alteration of habitat, commercial uses are regulated by permit to avoid impacts to resources or to public uses of resources, low impact fisheries are permitted by registration, and some recreational use is allowed. Marine Life Conservation Districts (MLCDs) are designed to conserve and replenish marine resources. MLCDs allow only limited fishing and other consumptive uses, or prohibit such uses entirely. They provide fish and other aquatic life with a protected area in which to grow and reproduce, and are home to a great variety of species. Fishes in most MLCDs are fairly tame and often show little fear of humans. MLCDs are most popular as sites for snorkeling, diving and underwater photography. MLCDs were introduced to Hawai'i in the fall of 1967 with Hanauma Bay on Oahu. The resulting increase in fish populations was phenomenal, and the bay has become world famous. At the present time there are ten MLCDs statewide.

Managing Agency: Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)

Office or Bureau: Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR)

Level of Government: State.

Location: The Waialea Bay MLCD is located offshore of Waialea Bay along the northwestern coast of Hawaii . It extends from the highwater mark seaward to a line from the point immediately north of Ohai Point to Kanekanaka Point.(0.35 NM).

Seaward Line Southern Point 19° 58’45.7” N; 155° 49’52.61” W
Seaward Line Northern Point 19° 59’7.04” N; 155° 49’54.18” W

*To have or possess ay fishing pole and hook and line and o fish for, take or possess any finfish using such gear.
*To possess in the water any knife and any shark billy, bang stick, powerhead or carbon dioxide injector.
*With a permit to possess and use legal nets to fish for, take or possess finfishes over the sandy bottom areas within the District, and to engage in activities otherwise prohibited by law for scientific, propagation or other purposes.

*To fish for, take or injure any marine life ( including eggs), or possess in the water any device that may be used for the taking of marine life, except as indicated in permitted activities above.
*To take or alter any sand, coral or other geological feature or specimen, or possess in the water any device that may be used for the taking or altering of a geological feature or specimen.